Always meeting your requirements

As a reliable partner, we recognize the importance of consistency and quality in delivering high-value products to customers.

Producing extruded aluminium profiles that consistently meet our customers’ form, fit, function, flawless surface and aesthetic requirements, delivered on time are imperative to our aluminium extrusions and manufacturing business. At Presal Extrusion, our long-term business relationships are not built on commercially acceptable quality standards, but rather on our commitment to providing our customers with the highest standard of quality and reliability for aluminium extruded products, fabrication, and CNC machining services.

On the ASCONA measuring device, we measure the cross-sectional dimension of the profile according to the drawing, with the accuracy of the 0.01 mm measurement. The metering results are displayed on the measurement report generated by the device itself.

For roughness measurement, we check the surface quality of extruded profiles according to DIN 17615 (Ra ≤ 3 ÷ 9 mm). The manufacture of various elements and assemblies, which are made on the processing line and the assembly line, is performed by operation control according to the requirements of the drawings.

Quality control is performed according to the following criteria:

  • Dimensional control
  • Control of the mechanical properties of the material
  • Surface protection control

Control of the mechanical properties of the material

The control of the mechanical properties of the profile is carried out according to the requirements of the standard EN 755-2, namely:

  • Determination of tensile strength (Rm)
  • Determination of the flow limit (R0,2)
  • Determination of relative extension (A)
  • Determination of hardness (HB / 2,5 / 625/30)
  • Hardness check of gaskets