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The production of aluminum profiles is a wonderful, but also respectable activity, which offers numerous possibilities where only the sky is the limit.

We develop all our aluminum profiles by taking care of every detail of the production process, from their initial design to the end of their useful life, offering innovative, sustainable solutions and customer support at every step. The experience we have gained over the years, combined with our constant investment in technology and production machinery, enables Emerus to meet the ever-changing technical and qualitative demands of the market.


Emerus building systems are high-quality, long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly solutions with a variety of design options. Thermally insulated aluminum profiles with their contemporary and elegant appearance enable countless options tailored to the client, from their own home to the construction of industrial facilities. We offer solutions for facades, doors, windows, sun protection, fences and much more.


Our profession is the production of specialized and multipurpose aluminum profiles. The main goal of Emerus is to fulfill all requirements and deliver products that are individual according to the client's specifications. We offer solutions that meet the most complex requirements with the greatest possible cost and time efficiency.

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Pressed aluminum systems have excellent performance, the lowest additional costs (including material procurement, pressing, finishing, transport, pre-assembly and final assembly) and three times longer durability than comparable steel systems.

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