The trend in modern architecture is clear: people desire a bright and comfortable atmosphere within their own four walls. Large glass surfaces connect the indoors with the outdoors and convey a feeling of immediate proximity to nature. Therefore, access to the balcony or patio must be assembled as welcoming as possible. To achieve all that, planners and builders have to implement reliable solutions that combine the highest demands in design, functionality, and efficiency. The EMERUS PK 150tt lifting-sliding system merges all of these properties into one.

Maximum User-friendliness

The integrated sliding mechanism in the EMERUS PK 150tt lifting-sliding system accomplishes moving wings of up to 400 kg with ease. With the rotary handle, you can effortlessly open and close the door. Buffers decrease the opening impact on the other wing and facilitate a nearly noiseless closing of the door while protecting the structure. The aluminium profile based design ensures long-term frequent use and saves a lot of precious space. Since aluminium rails are not integrated, you can easily replace or repair them in case of malfunction, without touching the whole frame.

Highly Efficient Insulation and Weather Resistance

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming economically aware in the construction business. This means that the demands for future-oriented solutions has increased over time and will get even more prevalent. For this reason, our team of experts has made sure that the EMERUS PK 150tt lifting-sliding system has excellent thermal and sound insulation. The combined usage of EMERUS rubbers achieves a high level of sealing. Polyamides accomplish the termination of the thermal bridge between the aluminium profiles. Thanks to these features, the system has excellent sound insulation as well and provides a distinct wind and rain resistance. Our system saves you money, keeps you dry and warm and does not waste valuable energy.

Elegant and Contemporary Design

We have made our EMERUS PK 150tt lifting-sliding system to meet our clients’ highest demands in every aspect. Hence, the design blends efficient functionality with modern elegance. The lower guide can be embedded into the floor, which creates barrier-free accessibility and a spotless aesthetic. Our system supports glazing up to 44 mm and has a wing width of 65 mm. Furthermore, the aluminium profile frame is firstly cut, then joined at a 90° angle, which adds to the modern and stylish look.