PK 150tt Sliding System – Efficient Elegance and Transparent Sense of Space

The trend in modern architecture is clear: people desire a bright and comfortable atmosphere within their own four walls. Large glass surfaces connect the indoors with […]

Is A Sliding Aluminium Door Right For You?

The world is an evolving place, and so are the doors! Aluminum Sliding doors are the modern evolution of hinged doors, which have been traditionally used […]

Tailor Made Aluminium Profiles in Domestic Applications

Designers in the domestic appliance industry are under pressure from demands for lower weight, corrosion resistant materials and manufacturing components in large quantities to high quality […]

6 tips to help you use the most appropriate dimensioning and tolerance for your aluminum extrusion parts.

Many aluminium extrusion profiles must be manufactured to precise standards. Questions like: How straight is straight enough? How flat is flat enough? How uniform must a […]

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