REACH & RoHS - EMERUS d.o.o.


REACH; Regulation (EU) no. 1907/2006

The main aim of REACH, regulation (EU) no. 1906/2006, Is to ensure high levels of protection for people and the environment from unintentional exposure to the chemical substances. The majority of the chemical substances that one encounters in everyday life must be registered by the manufacturer/or importer. Registration ensures that documentation is drawn up for the impact of the substances on people and the environment.

Waste and products made from recycled waste do not need to be registered if recycling takes place withing the EU and the substances that are recovered during the recycling process are the same that entered the process. This means that aluminum alloys produced by recycling by Emerus partners (billet’s suppliers) are exempted from REACH registration according to art 2.7 (d) in the regulation.

Alloying elements (additives) in aluminum alloys produced by Emerus partners are registered according to REACH with the following REACH registration numbers:

SubstanceREACH registration number
Al, Aluminum91728-14-2
Aluminum potassium fluoride60304-36-1
Fe, Iron7439-89-6
Alloy of FeSi, Ferrosilicon8049-17-0
Mg, Magnesium7439-95-4
Mn, Manganese7439-96-5
Ni, Nickel7440-02-0
Zn, Zinc7440-66-6
Pb, Lead7439-92-1
Hg, Mercury7439-97-6
Ti, Titanium7440-32-6
Si, Silicon7440-21-3
Cu, Copper7440-50-8

For Emerus d.o.o

Ivan Hren
Chief Operation Officer

Declaration of conformity – RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU (ROHS 3)

Emerus d.o.o guarantees that the product produced and supplied by us conform to the RoHS Directive’s limits for the following substances:

  • Lead,
  • Mercury,
  • Cadmium,
  • Hexavalent chromium,
  • Flame retardants of the PBB type,
  • Flame retardants of the PBDE type,
  • Phthalates of the DEHP type,
  • Phthalates of the BBP type,
  • Phthalates of the DBP type,
  • Phthalates of the DIBP type,

For Emerus d.o.o

Ivan Hren
Chief Operation Officer