Long- known existing copper conductors are being replaced around the world, with companies tending to use aluminium wires when new power lines are constructed, especially in the low-voltage lines sector.

Using aluminium cables has a significant economic effect. First, aluminium is much cheaper than copper, second, a higher conductance of aluminium allows transmitting more electricity using the same infrastructure. As global power consumption continues to grow, grids cannot handle the existing load, the number of overloads and faults increases, and construction of new power lines is much more expensive than cable replacement.

Aluminium and its alloys are widely used in the production of electronic and microelectronic components, in particular capacitors. It is also used to produce antennae, including TV antennae. This metal is used in radar construction. In some countries even pylons for power lines are made of aluminium. It is also well known in the production of transformers and rotor low-voltage motors.