Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.
Julia Morgan

We understand the aesthetic and functional requests in the modern architecture era.

Emerus provides solutions for: façades, windows, doors, sliding systems, shutters, fences and many other to provide the product range that brings architectural visions come to life. We can also create corresponding systems to any specification.

What we offer is flexibility, durability, and great strength of our solutions.

One of the main topics nowadays is energy conservation, what we have taken as a fundamental element in our new generation of energy efficient designs. Our systems provide increased levels of thermal insulation, noise reduction, resistance to wind loads and water penetration.

cad i bim podaci


We want to make our product range available for visual schematic planning.

With the help of CAD product data, you can now quickly transfer a drawing or model to your CAD system.

Moreover, you can download most of our products as a BIM model.

The parametric models contain all sizes and technical product. 

You can download our CAD & BIM Data here.