Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, laptops, flat screen TVs, monitors and other equipment are using an increasing amount of aluminium. Aluminium combines beauty and practicality which defines its success in this industry. Gadgets in aluminium bodies look sophisticated and reliable, while remaining light and robust.

Aluminium producers are offering designers and engineers new and improved aluminium alloys, both anodised and not, polished and matt, smooth and rifled, that allows them to implement even the most complex and daring designer solutions that is what also makes it a perfect choice for luxury electronics brands.

Aluminium gives designers a lot of freedom in choosing the shape for their creations, as well as being easy to process and aesthetically pleasing. That is why we can also find it being used in tables, chairs, shutters, picture frames, lamps, decorative wall panels, air conditioning units and radiators...

With is growing popularity and recognition for aluminium the sky is the limit, wherever area you imagine it you can find it: packaging, sport gear, apparel etc. you name it, we provide it.