Industrial products

Aluminum industrial profiles are key elements in the construction industry, automotive manufacturing, furniture industry and many other sectors. These profiles are made of high quality aluminum and are used for various purposes due to their durability, light weight and resistance to corrosion.

Standard profiles

Aluminum profiles: stability and durability in the first place

Standard aluminum profiles are characterized by a simple but strong construction, providing stability and longevity. Their universal application makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of construction projects.

Ease of maintenance is a key characteristic of standard aluminum profiles. Resistant to corrosion and external influences, these profiles require minimal maintenance, thus saving time and costs.

Customer-tailored solutions

You share with us your vision of a certain profile, and our experienced engineers make them come true.

We specialize in producing custom profiles that solve the problems and meet the needs of our clients. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can be involved in the entire process from designing and planning to finishing the product.

Application of industrial profiles

Car industry

We open up possibilities in vehicle design

Using aluminum for vehicle construction can reduce weight by up to 30% compared to steel. Low pressure contributes to lower fuel consumption. As aluminum is completely renewable, a large proportion of vehicles in the future are likely to be 100% recycled aluminium, making it a truly sustainable vehicle. It is suitable for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Solar industry

Our durable and high-quality aluminum solutions provide reliable support for solar panels

Pressed aluminum systems have excellent performance, the lowest additional costs (including material procurement, pressing, finishing, transport, pre-assembly and final assembly) and three times longer durability than comparable steel systems.

Transport industry

Our durable and high-quality aluminum solutions provide reliable support for solar panels

One of the key trends in this industry is the increasing emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency. The use of lighter materials such as aluminum in the production of vehicles is becoming more and more popular because it contributes to the reduction of total CO2 emissions. For example, replacing heavier materials in cars with aluminum can result in avoiding a significant amount of emissions over the lifetime of the vehicle.


A timeless and industrial feel

Aluminum is a new discovery in the world of furniture design due to its enormous potential and colorful design possibilities. Its structural composition mediates an industrial look and feel. It is decorated with incredible strength, durability and pure beauty, while at the same time it is affordable and very suitable for modeling.

Other industries

Versatile application

Manufacturers of smart phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, screens and other devices use an increasing amount of aluminum. Aluminum combines beauty with practicality, which is the main reason for its success in the industry. Devices with aluminum constructions look refined and reliable, while at the same time remaining light and strong.

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