About us

Emerus is an innovative and reliable European supplier of aluminium extruded profiles for different industrial sectors. Emerus has the advantage of trusting in a single supplier to provide extruded, polished, anodized, painted and manufactured aluminium profiles. With Emerus, you reduce the time from order to delivery of the final product, better manage inventory and eliminate possible conflicts with multiple suppliers. Emerus allows you to cover various requirements that our customers appreciate even though we are a young company. We are not tied to the old way of working, we have young and ambitious employees that are open to new ideas and are filled with creative energy.

Our profiles are already used in deep-freeze units and refrigerated cabinets. We also have customers in the areas of shop fittings, as well as in the construction of exhibition stands. Emerus also specializes in lighting profiles, the automotive industry and solar modules.

Our services

We offer wide range of services:

  • CAD design, project planning
  • 3D prototypes
  • Precise extrusion of aluminium
  • Anodizing
  • Mechanical pre-anodizing treatment and surface treatment
  • Full range of paint and powder colors
  • Custom design
  • Quality testing, analysis and assurance
  • Automated packaging and customized packaging according to your specific needs
  • Logistics for material handling and transportation for global delivery


We optimize our business process by introducing organization, modernization and digitalization, while taking our employees, the environment and all the dynamic requirements of the market into account.


We reassure our partners that they can count on flawless cooperation and the quality of our products and services.


Emerus d.o.o. is committed to raising the level of satisfaction of its customers by improving the quality of its services and products. In order to improve them, Emerus d.o.o. decides to meet the following strategic goals:

  • Raise and maintain a high level of customer confidence in our products and services
  • Work daily on the efficiency of supply chain management
  • Pay special attention to the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries
  • Raise the level of production, reduce internal waste and complaints
  • Expand the product range and enter additional sectors and markets
  • Improve internal and external communication and modernize communication channels
  • Raise the level of safety at work and employee satisfaction
  • Invest permanently in the expertise of all employees

Quality policy

In order to achieve strategic goals, we decide to direct our organization towards the following methods of improving the quality system:

  • Implementation and business in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015
  • Implementation and business in accordance with the IATF standard
  • Implementation and business in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015
  • Implementation of LEAN principles in production management
  • Monitoring innovations in the environment, which are related to improving the level of organization, improving communication and working methods, through education of all members of the company
  • Monitoring and respecting the legal regulations of B&H and international norms